Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crocodile Solution

This post is a bit behind the times, but oh well. Recently, in Tempe, a dam burst and the "town lake" was consequently turned into a town puddle over night. Apparently, the lake had fish in it. Who knew?

And while the fish were doomed to die as the puddle would continue to drain, somebody got the bright idea to feed them to local animals at the zoo. This way, they wouldn't die in vain I suppose. The local animals included some snapping turtles, and...a crocodile.

The trouble was, they were having a hard time getting the fish out of the puddle! They said the "lake" was too shallow for boats, but too deep for their nets...or something like that.

The solution seemed obvious...just let the croc out into the puddle and let him do his thing. Heck, they could probably even charge admission when they do it! I don't think that's what they did though...

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