Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Still ticking

Like a bomb waiting to go off.  :)

We went swimming last night - the feeling of the baby being supported by the water was totally amazing.  I've swam a few times in the past several months, but the difference was never as dramatic as last night!  It made getting out of the pool somewhat unpleasant.

Today, let's talk about my cats.  I love them.  But they ARE annoying.  Good training for kids, I'm sure, but jeeze!  You see, these little ones have a problem with food.  Well, actually, the brother has a problem with food...the sister would probably be okay if we left food out all the time.  But brother...eats compulsively until it is ALL. GONE.  To the point he'll make himself sick.  Poor buddy.

So anyway, 3 years ago now, when we took them to the vet for their annual we were told they were too fat...borderline obese even.  And we started restricting their food.  They get fed twice a day - morning and night.  And we measure how much they get.  And the gobble it up in 30 seconds or less.  Morning and night.

And they whine.  For hours before food time.  It is so obnoxious.  On the plus side, their weight is pretty healthy now.

So there's that.

Then there's sister cat.  She's a lap whore.  She loves laps, but especially my lap.  And she's an attention-hog.  She gets very jealous any time brother is getting attention.  This...does not entirely bode well for bringing a little baby into the home, who, will, undoubtedly, get more of our undivided attention than she will.

I've been following the advice I read to start ignoring the cats in the weeks leading up to birth.  She hasn't been able to be in my lap for sometime now (the belly takes that space!), which helps...but she would adjust by sitting behind me, beside me, or on my shoulders if she could manage.  I've been putting a stop to this...but it's just so sad!  The sweet little kitty just wants to cuddle!

Well, that made for a rather boring post...but I'm fresh out of ideas, so there it is.  And now I've documented something about the cats...which is good.  I think.

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