Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jumpy People

It turns out, that when one approaches one's due date...everyone treats you like a bomb ready to go off.  Yeah...I wonder when it will happen too, but, wowza. 

I didn't answer my phone the other day because I was sitting on the floor scrapbooking and it was way too far away for me to make it in time.  I figured I'd just let the person leave a voicemail and call them back the next time I got up to pee...which on average happens every 1.5 to 2 hours...so it would be more than reasonable.

It was my mother that had called.  She did leave a voicemail.  And in it, noted that I hadn't answered the phone and consequently wondered aloud if I might not be having a baby.  Sigh.  No...though I DID tell her that we won't be calling people when we go to the hospital.

That's right...we plan to wait until all the fireworks are over and we'll just let people know when the baby's here.  Selfish?  Maybe.  Our right?  Absolutely. 

Here's the way I'm looking at it.  Option 1 - we call when we leave for the hospital.  And Mr. Random now has to spend the time that I'm in ACTIVE labor and heading to transition fielding phone calls, making sure EVERYONE gets informed so there are no hurt feelings and basically...tending to other people who, quite frankly, AREN'T in labor, requiring his attention.  This would likely make me rather upset.  Then, of course, I imagine several folks wanting regular updates.  Again...I'm maybe being a bit of a diva here, but I'd prefer his attention was focused on...well, me.  :)  I'm usually pretty casual about being the center of his world...but I think, this particular instance is one where it's called for.  Luckily, he agrees. 

Which leads to Option 2.  We call y'all after the baby is born.  Ta da!  At which point, I'm sure it will still be annoying to be interrupted and whatever, but we'll also be excited to share the news.  Wouldn't you rather that?  Us being EXCITED to be on the phone with you?  Instead of stressed/pissed off?  I would.

Now, one of my sisters is apparently a little miffed.  I don't think she even knows that we're going with Option 2.  Then she'll likely be outright offended, but I can't control that.  She's miffed because I told her we weren't taking visitors the day of.  Least of all DURING labor.  She mentioned, ever so casually, on the phone the other day that she was discussing the impending birth with her friend/boyfriend (she's unclear where they're at) and he pointed out, that, you know...she's only 6 hours away.  She could take off when she "gets the call" and be there in time for the birth!  She left that hanging...and I shot it down straight away. 

Here's how I'd see it going if she did come.  She'd waltz in, probably about when I'm in transition or crowning...basically, when I LEAST want to be distracted or surprised.  And I'd probably scream something obscene at her.  And she'd back out of the room, tears springing to her eyes, and would be offended.  And hurt.  And I would have zero sympathy.  I know her...that's how it would go down.

So, No, I said, No.  You're welcome to come the next day, but Mr. Random and I talked about it and we're not taking visitors the first day.  We want that day to try to soak it all in and just be ourselves with the baby.  She was clearly offended and quickly ended the call after that.  And apparently complained to our mother - who... fortunately...sees my side of things.

I know, we're selfish bastards.  Whatever.  When she pushes a little human out her "chute of love" she can call the shots however she likes.  As I'm doing the pushing with this little human...I'm calling the shots.  And the last thing I want is her waltzing in as the baby crowns.  Yet another beautiful reason to go with Option 2.

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