Saturday, June 25, 2011

So much to write, so little time

I've had several ideas for posts but have not been in the position to write them. In an attempt to rectify this I've set up the email-posting options and hope this works! (this is my first test of it)

Ideas for posts that I hope to return to write:
Mothers in law
Gun safety
Flying with a baby part tres

And I know there were more ideas but they escape me currently.

I'm babysitting our desktop computer currently. It seems to have lapsed into a coma and has been in this state the past 2 weeks. Mr. Random has made several attempts at reviving the beast but so far has had no luck. We just got the system recovery disks in the mail and are trying them now. It's not looking too good. And we JUST bought this computer!!! SO frustrating!

To be fair, by "just" I mean we bought it about 2 years ago, but come on! Shouldn't a $900 computer last more than 2 years? Apparently not as this is the second desktop computer we've had crap out after a roughly 2 year life. The first time I thought it was just crummy luck. Nw I'm starting to fear a very expensive pattern. We don't abuse our computers that much! I swear!

We don't really have the $$ to replace this bad boy. But we do desperately need to do so as we both work from home quite a bit. Well...maybe desperate is a little stretch. It's true we both work from home but the fact is I have a very nice iMac sitting mostly unused on my desk at school. I KNOW. Unacceptable. I do rather heart that machine and its been quite neglected since my son was born. So...that may be the solution for now if we can't revive the desktop. Mr. Random can work from home on the laptop while I jaunt into school and work in my office (such a novel idea, I know). The one problem with this scheme, well perhaps there are two, is that Wiggles is into everything so its impossible to work when he's awake. We've been getting around this by tag teaming and whoever is less in the middle of work takes care of him while the other works and it's been working out for all. The other problem is the boobies. Nice as my husbands pecs are...they do not make the "magical" baby milks.

I guess well just have to see what happens. And hope we can magically save the computer.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I just read a terribly sad news article. Apparently, a 4 month old baby was left home - alone - and while in this vulnerable state the family ferret chewed off SEVEN of this baby boy's fingers! I'm still shuddering at the horror of it. I mean...HOW do you let something like that happen? That poor, poor little baby!!! Ugh. It's just so awful. I really don't know what else to say. I was hoping writing it out would help me past the horror of it but so far it has not.

So I'll move onto updates.


I'm no longer breastfeeding Wiggles. Hes a biter and those teeth are sharp. I've continued to pump and that's going well so for now he's getting breast milk via bottles. I plan to pump as long as I have a supply to pump, so we'll see how this new phase of "breastfeeding" goes. :)

I'm finally done with a work project that I was no longer getting paid for but was taking up ALL my time as I wrapped it up. The joy of being a grad student eh? While I wasn't getting paid it was mostly worth my time because it overlaps with my dissertatiion work. I'm just glad to have a break from it for now.

Not a break mind you. No, because now I need to prep my summer course that I'm teaching. It's online which is mostly a plus, but also means I really need to get it all planned before it starts. As opposed to when I teach in person classes and sometimes and making the lecture slides the morning of. :).

I'm also supposed to be working on a proposal to defend early this Fall. And meanwhile, I'd like to have some me time! To craft! And relax! Not to mention time with the baby and the husband.

Which is kind of another post entirely. The cramped living quarters, the utter lack of dates...the's all taking a major toll on our relationship. I feel confident well get through this rough patch...eventually. But its not fun being in it and I dont foresee it getting much better anytime soon.

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