Saturday, August 21, 2010


When we made the decision to short sale our house we knew it came with the likely possibility it would actually end in foreclosure. We're coming up on that - though the bank has delayed auction twice already. We're just ready to be done with it. Especially since we're still paying electricity, water and HOA fees until it's no longer "ours".

We check on the house every so often. Most recently to discover someone had stolen our grill from the backyard (we hadn't decided what to do with it yet as they're illegal in apartment complexes for fear of fire) and the " No Soliciting" sign from our front door.

I went back to check on it today - to notice a plant had been removed from the front yard, and the remaining plants were looking awfully dry. Pretty sure one has died actually. When I checked the water control (side of the house) it had been changed from the settings I left it at. Who would do that? And why?

Mr. Random's been worried someone's going to break in - and trash the place. Which would really suck because we left it in decent condition. And left all the appliances. And fixtures. And real wood blinds (yeah...I was tricked into that, but whatever). Ugh.

When we made the decision to do this, I was prepared for the damage to our credit. The frustration of moving from a house back into an apartment. I was unprepared for the heartache I would feel walking through our abandoned house...checking to make sure it hadn't been pillaged. We really love/loved that house. I got to pick out all the interiors...and painted most of the rooms. It's just heartbreaking to walk through it now...and see it empty and forlorn. I really hope it sells at its next auction date (this upcoming week) and some family gets it...and can enjoy it as much as we did.

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