Monday, August 23, 2010

Rear View

Apparently, I STILL don't look pregnant from behind. (I finally had Mr. Random take a picture from behind so I could see...and...yeah, alright. I don't look pregnant at all. Amazing!) This can make for amusing encounters in public.

For instance...

We were shopping at Best Buy - we knew exactly what we wanted and had other things to do so it was supposed to be an in-and-out trip. The Direct TV sales lady, however; caught sight of us and was right on our tail. She was walking behind us, and I was closest to her when she said "did you hear what we're doing to people today?" I've got to give her props - it piqued my curiosity. "doing to people?". I hesitated and turned around to get a better look. That's when she saw the belly and, I kid you not, jumped a little and said "whoa!". Then, to cover, hastily asked when I was due.

She wanted to save us $200-300/mo on our cable bill. Seriously? Who spends that much on cable? If you do...well, that's your call, but my goodness. We don't have cable. Which I always tell these Direct TV sales people and I know they think I'm lying but we don't. We get the free channels of course, but barely watch them at all. We've got the $8.99/mo plan with Netflix, which we'll be canceling next month as we're cutting back due to my distinct lack of income currently. And that's it.

I mean...if you want to GIVE me $200-300/mo so that I can "save" that much by going with Direct TV, by all means. But otherwise...there's no way you're going to save me money. And besides...I have about a thousand better things to do than get hooked on cable TV shows again. I've been there, done that, and am happy to have broken free.

Now if only I could break my addiction to sweet, sugary drinks. Like lemonade. And juice. And root beer. Ah, root hold the key to my heart.

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