Thursday, August 19, 2010


So, the day Mr. Random decides he's going for it - the master's program - and that teaching will be the career for him, the very day folks - he gets a call from 2 of his police buddies. The hiring again.

It'll be invitation only. The former hiring guy who Mr. Random was in good contact with...has been it could be like square one. No idea how many they're hiring...but it probably is not many. And there are likely to be hundreds of applicants.

Have I blogged on here about Mr. Random's attempts with policing? I feel sure I have but can't remember. Let's just say it's his DREAM job. He has a passion for it, and nothing else...which is why he's had a hard time finding another career...or forcing himself to move into another career. He's been applying with departments for 3 years now, and basically, it seems like something keeps happening to prevent him. It feels almost unreal, the things that have happened.

And then there's the timing of this. We're both sitting here asking each other and God, but what does it mean!?! I mean...come. on! The guy has been so torn up about not getting hired. So frustrated. He finally, finally, sits down, thinks long and hard about other options, and the day that he finally puts both feet into another career path...his Dream Job sends out a request for applications? What is that?

I'm torn, personally. I want this for him. I want him to finally be happy - truly happy with a job. I want it all to work out. I just worry it won't. And once again, he's going to get his hopes up, get yanked around...and then trampled into the ground. :( Sigh. And then he'll be left wondering even more what it all means. If anything.

Meanwhile, he's still going to go ahead and apply for the master's program. Based on past events, he doesn't want to put that off for what seems a very slim shot at his dream job. I think that's good.

I did pray about it last night. I've been having personal issues with God and religion (more religion) for the past 6+ months, so it's been awhile since I've done that. I felt compelled to look up the liturgical readings (raised Catholic). So I did that this morning. The end of the Gospel reading for today was this: "many will be invited, few will be chosen." Now this was in reference to the Kingdom of God...but it applies so well to our current situation. It's an invitation only test - many will apply, few will be invited, and fewer still chosen.

Well, we'll find out soon enough. The applications are due on the baby's due date. They'll notify applicants in early September. We'll soon get the joy of experiencing the miracle of childbirth...perhaps we can have 2 miracles in a short span of time?

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