Friday, August 6, 2010

Hodge Podge

I'm sitting at the Honda dealer. My car is getting its oil changed and tires rotated. Yup, we take our cars to the dealer for these things - you know why? They always have coupons going that make them about the same price, but we actually trust them 1000 times more than the "other" places. We've never had a problem here. We have at those "other" places.

Truly, the only problem I have with the dealer is their tv selection that's left on in the waiting room. There's some doctor show that I've caught the last few times I've been in. And I can't. stand. this. show. These so-called "doctors" seem to be rather uneducated, but are passing on their opinions as medical fact! And it's on TV, so I know there are tons of people out there taking their advice instead of actually going to a doctor. Ugh. It's just...well it should be criminal. The last time I was in there was a question about fertility.

Now I'm far from an expert, but I am a good little learner, and feel that after my many hours spent on infertility blogs and googling, I have some idea about the topic. And the advice this show gave simply shocked me. Basically, the person writing in was a woman, 34 years old, and wondering if she should freeze her eggs because she wasn't ready for kids yet, but wanted kids in the future. The advice given: nah....don't worry about it! With medical technology today, you'll be JUST FINE.



Anyway, that's not what I wanted to post about. I've had lots of different post ideas over the past week or so...just have been keeping to busy to actually sit down and write them out.

For now, I'll end with a funny. To help balance the first part. I recently was on campus to square away maternity leave stuff - which basically meant adding a profile for another student to my computer, and backing up my computer as it won't be "mine" for the fall semester at least and possibly not again after that. (sniff! I Lurve this computer! sigh) I also went over to financial aid to ask a few questions. It was when I was walking back from that building that I encountered a few tour groups of the new freshman and their parents.

And boy - did they stare. You'd think I was walking around a Catholic high school or something! It was like they'd never seen a pregnant woman before! I'm pretty sure some of the moms were looking on in horror.

When I told Mr. Random about it he said I should have shouted "Freshman year was awesome!!!" Then, when I was sure I had everyone's attention, I should have rubbed the baby bump and declared that I "even got my own souvenir". haha!

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