Monday, July 19, 2010

Like a High Tension Powerline

Do you hear that incessant noise? That buzzing? It sounds like a high tension power-line and is loud enough that I hear it any time I venture within 5 feet of a window? (because heaven help me, I do try not to venture outside)

What is it!? When I first heard it a few weeks ago at the start of "summer" (ie, the HOT weather) I was puzzled. Had that buzzing always been there? Then I remembered. It's the cicadas. It's bugs! That makes this amazingly loud buzzing sound. I don't know why they make this sound. I don't know how, but imagine it involves their wings. I haven't felt like googling to find out. (which is very unlike me)

The buzzing had gotten louder as the summer has dragged on. (where are our monsoon storms!?) And one night, we even had one of the little buggers on our balcony! One of our kitties found it immensely entertaining to play with. And a little frightening I think, but she mostly had fun. :)

**okay, I googled. It's not their wings. The males have some anatomical feature called a timbal that they vibrate. And apparently this noise is called a song and is distinctive. Uh huh. "song". Further, many peoples eat these critters. Yummmm.

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