Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School

It's Back to School time here in the Valley, but that's not what I actually want to write about. Instead, I want to write about Mr. Random. He's thinking about going back to school. The truth is...he's not happy. He hasn't been happy. And it doesn't look like he'll be happy in his current job, no matter how long he sticks it out. Yeah, the pay is super nice. The benefits great. The company, really, treats him quite well. But...he's not happy.

What will help him to be happy? Hah. The hell if I know. I've been encouraging counseling. He's definitely in a funk, and to be honest, I'm not sure going back to school will be the solution. I think it will help. And if he's happier as a teacher, then gravy. I'm all for it. He'll get summers off, which could be of great benefit for our travel day...when we have money and figure out how to travel with the little burden baby.

So, yeah, he'd be going back for a master's in education - with certification. So he could be a secondary teacher. The catch? Well, his undergraduate degree was in history...there seems to be small demand for history teachers. So, he'll likely take extra math classes on top of the master's course, to get ready to take certification in both history AND math, as there's more demand for the latter category.

And then...hopefully...get a job as a teacher. How does this fit in with my schooling? What's this mean for us financially? haha! Yeah. As far as fitting in with my schooling, it could work out pretty slick. The program he's looking at starts in January and takes roughly 17 he'd graduate May 2012. I'm looking to graduate May 2013. Which means, he'd get his degree, then could teach for a year...and then we'd move! Where he'd probably have to get re-certified in whatever new state my career wings us to. Which, shouldn't be TOO bad. Then he could teach in the new state...and viola, he has his career by 30. He's starting to worry that he'll be turning 30 in 2 years...and well...still not be in a "career" he wants to stick to.

So, it sounds like a good plan. The financial aspect is a downer - we'd be living on student loans and my piddly stipend for the year and a half he's in school. Which, is definitely not ideal...but...there are worse options. I think.

Really, the big question in my mind - is if he'll be happy doing that as a career. Or if it's just another bandaid to get him through a year or two, and he'll still be miserable, and still not know what to "do with his life".

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