Friday, January 8, 2010

43 is a good number

In honor of my 43rd post I will now post 43 random things...about me (you're welcome) know, to document who I am right now. Because I think it's interesting to look back and see how I've grown and changed over the years. And also, today is my half-birthday.

1. I want to learn to fly before I die. You a pilot a small aircraft

2. I love hot air balloons - watching them, riding in them, everything about them...except maybe how hot it is in the basket..Mr.Man made my dreams come true surprising me with a hot air balloon ride for my birthday OVER my home town I grew up in and was so bitter to leave at age 13...this was while we were dating...I knew then he was a keeper for sure

3. I tend to sip beverages (of all kinds, even water) rather than chug them...

4. I'm VERY slow in the mornings. Mr. Man calls me a morning slug.

5. I enjoy long, hot showers. A lot. I tend to daydream while taking them.

6. I am happy on a Mac OR a PC. Blasphemy, right?

7. I enjoy the Sims 3. I previously enjoyed the Sims 2.

8. I love taking pictures. I took 1462 in Rome. We were there for 3.5 days.

9. I love hiking, but I hate getting hot, sweaty and the burning sun. These things often complicate each other.

10. My dream car is a blue Dodge Viper...with gull doors. Because, if you're spending that much $ on a car, I can have gull doors damnit! (like on a Delorean)

11. I used to write poems all the time...but I haven't in a long time. Every now and then I think I should start up again...maybe I blog instead?

12. I very much enjoy Kelly Clarkson's new CD.

13. My palate is expanding. Once a super picky eater I think I'm now only moderately picky. I'll even eat, and sometimes enjoy, spaghetti! (NEVER as a kid)

14. My favorite number is 13 and I'm a little sad I used such a lame tidbit for #13

15. I drive a Honda Civic. It's nice. REALLY good gas mileage. But no Viper. :)

16. I can identify most car's make and model on sight...and I'm proud of it. I'm still working on years I guess...not as good at that one.

17. I'm usually starving by 11am and well past ready for lunch.

18. I DETEST getting up before the sun (ie in the dark) I'm convinced it's not healthy.

19. I still miss the Pacific Northwest. And trees. And rain. But DO enjoy AZ's beautiful weather.

20. I sometimes feel like a blood traitor for switching from my master's department to my phd department.

21. I usually pick at my nails, and do it when I'm bored and don't even notice, but in Rome Mr. Man started hitting my hands when I did it (thanks honey) and miraculously it took only about 2 hits and I've stopped! They're now probably the longest they've ever been in my life. It makes typing feel weird. I'm not sure yet if I like it or not.

22. I was #22 in my 6th grade class...for awhile it was my favorite number because of this. I have no idea what the number was for cubby maybe? To check grades? No idea...

23. I got hooked reading infertility blogs 2 years ago. I just needed to know if these women would get their hopes and dreams! Then it started to feel I've mostly stopped and now only read 1 because I find the author entertaining.

24. I tend to make best friends with LDS people, I am not, however, LDS.  I don't try just happens.

25. I have really, really, really, weird and vivid dreams. Sometimes nightmares. The nightmares are not good. I just had one recently after not having any for a long time. I've had to seek counseling for the nightmares.

26. I've had very few dreams since becoming knocked up actually, which is weird for me.

27. I kind of want to have a coffee addiction. I love how it smells, and now enjoy drinking it with lots of cream and sugar...especially that flavored cream. 'Course now I can't drink it in "my condition" so it's just as well I don't have an addiction...and I'm sure it wouldn't be healthy...but I dream of one day owning my own coffee maker. Preferably in red or some other sporty color.

28. I love looking at foreign currency. I used to collect pennies based on the year they were minted...I was trying to get one for every year going back as far as I could. Now I just collect the state quarters. I think I'm missing one...but can never remember which it is. It's an "M" state.

29. I love satsumas and clementines, but am not such a fan of the larger oranges.

30. I really like chocolate. Most anything chocolate.

31. And I have a major sweet tooth. It does not help my ever expanding bu-thigh region.

32. For the most part I like my body, but I've always been sensitive about my butt. Thanks Dad (he used to make a lot of jokes about it actually)

33. I was mortified when I started my period. I really, really didn't want it, and really, really didn't want to tell my mother about it.

34. I also really hated my boobs for about the first 10 years I had them. Just recently I started to appreciate, admire, and be glad for the nicely perky B/C's. And now they are frighteningly close to D's already and scare me a little bit. JUST when I was starting to like them...

35. Right now I'm really into the coconut lime verbena scent for lotions and such...LOVE it, don't know why

36. I got an iPod Touch for my graduation gift for my Master's from my Momma. I lurve it so much! I started wanting one when I worked for 6 weeks as an iPod tech support phone rep. That's right, I was an iPod Tech Support person. I can probably still tell you anything you need to know about iPods and iTunes. But will I? Maybe...we'll see.

37. I enjoy Sudoku and am so pleased to be playing at the Expert level on said iPod Touch.

38. I Zumba. It's pretty much the most awesome exercise ever. One of the only things I will do and not mind when I start sweating buckets. Which is crazy for me. Usually a hint of perspiration is enough for me to stop whatever I'm doing. Zumba just might change my life.

39. half of my family is LDS, and the other half is Catholic. Mr. Man and I are now irregularly practicing Lutherans.

40. I very much enjoy scrapbooking. I've toyed with "going digital" for awhile now...but always end up not. First of all, I have way too many cool papers and stickers, etc. to stop now. Secondly, I think I really enjoy the tactile part. BUT, with digital it's a lot cleaner, contained and for an OCD person like me, easier to match colors and resize things and get things JUST SO on a computer....we'll see what I end up doing in the long haul. For now, I'm about 6 months behind and just got a ton of great stuff for Christmas...

41. I love egg salad sandwiches. Especially since becoming "with child," even before I knew I was in such a family way.

42. I hate cheese for the most part, but pizza is probably my most favorite food. How does this work? Well, I only like cheese if it's properly melted, and pretty much cheddar or mozerella. I will tolerate parmesan if you melt it in with the others on a pizza. I will not tolerate it in powder form on anything.

43. My favorite tv show right now is How I Met Your Mother.

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