Friday, August 20, 2010

3 posts yesterday...

Does that mean I'm off the hook for today? Maybe...but I think I'll try to keep up the good habit of daily blogging just in case.

I have so many blog topics swirling in my head when I'm away from the computer...but when I sit down to the composer page...they suddenly vanish. What is that?

Let's talk about my current PhD-related activities. I have few. I did recently work up a powerpoint presentation to share with a new student who will be working on the project in my absence this semester, and one of my committee members who will be doing a presentation at a meeting at the end of September, that were I not to have recently expelled a small human, I would have been going to and doing the presentation. Basically, it was to sum up my last/latest efforts on the project, what I was thinking and where I was planning to go next. I already sent it off to Advisor and she said it looked good and was informative. Excellent, that was the goal. The funny part is that I spent a good 8 slides using the wrong word for one of my major topic points. They both started with a "p" but the meaning was quite different. Go, go baby brain! At least I caught it before I sent it off.

And I'm not sure it's "baby brain" so much as tired-brain. Sleep is such a precious commodity at this point. I basically am unable to sleep before midnight. No matter what time I lay down. I just lay awake, fidgeting. Which isn't helping Mr. Random's sleep. Then, once finally drifting off...I wake up every 1.5 to 2 hours to pee. Around 4-4:30 am I find myself rather hungry...but still usually manage to fall back asleep after a little while. Then around 6 something Mr. Random gets up for work...sometimes I'm hungry enough to get up...sometimes I still sleep - at which point I wake up right before 9am. Like clockwork. And then I am definitely hungry. So I get up and start my day!

But let's look at that - how much sleep am I getting here? About 6 hours total...not too bad! And I understand this is good "training" for what's soon to come.

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