Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010

It is a New Year. I always wonder what changes the new year will bring. The last 2 years have seen so many changes for us. If the baby giving me a positive pregnancy test sticks around, 2010 will be no different.

You may notice I'm not jumping for joy and announcing our pregnancy to the world yet. Maybe this is odd for a first time pregnant woman? We've just seen too many of our friends suffer the pain of miscarriage...and frankly I've spent entirely too much time reading infertility blogs (why? long story...) to take it lightly and assume one (okay two) positive pee tests mean a baby in 9 months.

Mostly I'd say we're excited though. Yesterday, however; I was not. I was feeling stressed out and overwhelmed and under prepared. And rather than pretending those feelings away, I expressed them and maybe even reveled in them a little. Better to get those out of the way now. :)

And it kind of goes with my new years resolution. We don't really make resolutions, per se. And Mr. Man has resolved to make no more resolutions, which is clever, but I did kind of have one in mind. Nothing specific really, no formal "I resolve to: (fill in the blank)"

I just want 2010 to be the year that I truly start living my new motto: Seize the Moment. I thought of it sometime before our trip to Rome, which I felt really epitomized the new motto. I detest Carpe Diem, by the way, so don't throw that one down my throat. I took Latin once and I seem to recall being bothered by the conjugation or translation or something, and additionally my high school bf (not all happy memories with that one) LOVED that phrase and wanted it to be HIS personal motto. GAG me. So no, not Carpe Diem. Seize the Moment is totally different...and don't tell me otherwise! It is!

Seize the Day is not what I mean at all. Seize the day is like, wake up with a good attitude, and go for it, and take your life in your hands. Or something.

Seize the Moment, however; is like, when an opportunity arises, take it. When something unexpected comes up, enjoy it. And it makes more sense because really, our lives are a series of moments, not days and I argue the important days in our lives, are important because of the moments that happened on those days. My wedding day for instance, was kind of a shit storm of a day. But there were happy moments...

So, Seize the Moment, my new motto for 2010.

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