Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I was watching TV the other night with Mr. Man, and as we were cuddled up a commercial came on with Ellen Page, who I think is awesome and super attractive. I would very much like to have her figure. And as I thought that, "wow, she's attractive, I would very much like to have her figure" another thought occurred to me - I imagine she has to work hard for that figure. It's possible she's genetically lucky, but she probably at least has to watch what she eats and fit in regular work outs (things I should do but always find more important things to do instead).

And I wonder...if she would look at me, a "normal" woman, with still a pretty nice figure (just a bit plump around the thighs and tush...but still, very admirable) and be jealous too. Not that she'd want to look like me, but that I don't have the Hollywood pressure to have to look perfect like her. I can look just like me, and be a slightly less "perfect" version of myself, and my husband still loves me. I can still do my job. I get paid the same. And if she wouldn't be a little jealous for that freedom. I think I would in her shoes.

Then I'd look in the mirror, see how hot I was...check the bank account...and move on with my pretty happening life. But maybe for a moment...she'd be a little envious...

Which goes to show, we really do need to learn to appreciate what we have.

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