Friday, January 15, 2010

Pickles and Ice Cream?

Pregnancy cravings. Have I had any? Maybe...but it's certainly not been pickles...and I crave ice cream 24/7 even when I'm not knocked up. I have definitely been craving ginger ale, and finally got some today (yummm). And I've been wanting chocolate a lot...maybe more than usual, but it's hard to tell. Chocolate is another one of those, I-could-eat-you-every-day-and-be-happy-if- you-didn't-go-straight-to-my-hips-to-annoy-me-for-the-rest-of-my-life kinds of food. :)

I think I've craved pizza less, which, is really weird. I mean, I'm usually good with pizza for lunch or dinner any day of the week. (it is NOT a breakfast food...and pizza is meant to be served warm, not cold, thanks) Even if I've had it every day (like in Rome) I'm still game. Lately...not so much. I made a pita pizza for dinner one day (put spaghetti sauce (from the jar) and your favorite toppings and cheese on a round piece of pita bread, bake until cheese melts - go ahead, try it, I bet you'll like it!) and the next day....when Mr. Random suggested a frozen pizza for dinner...I was not at all interested! This is very unusual...

But beyond that, I'm still firm in my dislike of pickles. The most exotic thing I've combined ice cream with is brownies. And I'm pretty much eating everything I did before - oh, except for peaches 'n' cream instant oatmeal. GAG me. I made some of that for breakfast a week ago and nearly vomited from the smell. Closest thing I've had to true morning sickness. :) I'm definitely feeling lucky so far...(*knock on wood, just in case)

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  1. My food preferences have been totally out-of-whack since getting pregnant. That's why I got so annoyed watching Top Chef when one of the judges got pregnant. You can't tell me she tastes food the same!


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