Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another random tidbit...

...from the past. This one is from Thanksgiving. One of the days I was home I surprised my mom and brought her lunch at work with one of my brothers - it was fun. While there I got to meet some of her co-workers, including one that my mom likes a lot, gets along well with, and, consequently, I have heard quite a bit about. It was nice to meet her in person. But it was funny too.

I'm relatively short - 5'4" when I stand up really straight, which actually puts me at the national average I believe, but I'm petite and have always been "small" for my age. I'm used to being small and actually, for the most part, like it. I occasionally am the victim of great envy when I see a pair of amazingly long legs...which is something I will never pull off...but beyond that I'm good with my size.

So, when introduced to the co-worker (CW), it should not have been that surprising when she exclaimed, "you're so tiny!". However, CW, it should be mentioned, is a maybe 5 foot tall Asian woman...who is certainly smaller than I am! I am used to being called short and small, but usually this comes from people that are taller than I I really wasn't sure what to say. But it was pretty funny.

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