Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am a Cheeseball

I'm generally super sappy and really cheesy when it comes to all things romance, love, etc. Mr. Man groans all the time with how bad I really am. (it would be nice if he just appreciated my efforts, for crying out loud! but alas, he does not - at least not to my face)

So, awhile ago, when we first stopped taking the birth control pills ( and by we, I mean me ) I daydreamed up different ways of blogging the news on our family blog. All kinds of cheesy stuff. I finally settled on something along the lines of:

Hey everyone! Mr. Man and I finally figured out where babies come from! (took us long enough right? 3.5 years after getting married, but hey, it's not a race!) Anyways, so last time we saw a rainbow (in Rome) we went to the end of the rainbow and twirled in a circle 3 times and magically the pot appeared! Sadly, when we looked inside, they were FRESH OUT of babies - I guess it's that time of year and there's been a run on them. Anyways, they let us put our order in and have promised delivery via stork on or around (insert due date here).

Funny, right? I thought so. Thought it was clever even. The husband......does not agree. He laughed....but kind of nervously looking at me sideways like I was a crazy person. (he seems to do that a lot...hmmm) He then told me he didn't's not really how HE'D tell our family. He went on to say he didn't care, I could blog whatever I want after I pressed him to tell me how HE'D like it to be done. Sigh.

But I'm not sure if I'll do it when it comes to the time for that. I mean, I like it...but maybe it is a little too silly? I dunno...there's time to decide anyway.

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