Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now Mom knows

I told my mother. You know, about the baby that is supposedly growing in my uterus right now. (I had a totally mind-blowing moment the other day thinking about that - I mean, supposedly, there is another person living inside me, with a beating heart and everything. And honestly, I can't feel a thing. It is sooooooo.......weird.)

Anyways, so (insert clever nickname for husband here - I'm still working on it) and I had decided that we wanted to wait at least until after my next appointment, if not until around the end of the 1st trimester before telling anyone else. Even our families.

Well that plan hit a snag when my mom called (when we were out to lunch with a friend and definitely didn't want to say anything...yes, I'll answer my phone for my mom when out to lunch, rude I know...get over it, it's my mom) wanting to find out the dates of my spring break. You see, she visited for spring break 2 years ago, and it was a lot of fun, and she wanted to repeat the experience. While I'd love for her to come then AND in the summer when we might be having this baby, I happen to also know that money is tight (isn't it for everyone?) and she most likely could only come once. And given the choice...she'd probably want to come in the summer/fall.

So, I called her back that evening, and we chatted for a bit and I tried to feel her out for how serious she was about coming and if she was going to book the ticket for spring, or if she was just toying with the idea. It was the former. Mr. Random (I think that'll be his new nickname...it fits, he's one of the most random, ADD people I know...un-diagnosed, but seriously, ADD) and I had chatted about it and decided that if it came to this I could tell her, and she could tell my dad, but NO ONE else. He was nervous that they wouldn't be able to keep the secret, but what else could we do?

After determining her intentions I knew it was time. I told her that before she books her ticket there's something else she might want to consider...since money is tight and getting time off can be tough. I then asked if she remembered what I had suggested I'd get her and my dad for their 30-year wedding anniversary (I know! 30 years!).

So here we need to back up for a moment. Come back with me to November - Thanksgiving, 2009. My mother bought me a ticket to come home (she'd have bought one for Mr. Random too, but he had to work all that week except T-day, so he didn't come) and all my siblings were there and it was awesome. While there, I discussed my mother's anniversary with her briefly.

You see, backing up even further, I had had the brilliant idea around October that we should send my parents to Disneyworld. They're huge fans of Disneyland, and went there for their honeymoon, and have never been to Disneyworld, but have often expressed interest in going. It's PERFECT I tell you. The catch was that I priced a few packages and we'd be looking at roughly $3000 to send them for the week with plane tickets, and admission to parks, and hotels etc. Now, $3000 is not exactly chump change, but I thought that if I split it with my 2 sisters (who are all employed and adults in their 20's as well, thanks) that it might be do-able. I mean, I figured we could save $1000 in the year or so we had before the big day (their anniversary is in the beginning of September). Well...the sister's are not as good at managing money as Mr. Random and I and sadly both said, great idea! But I can't pay for that. Not even half...and there's just no way in our situation we could save $3000. I just don't see it.

So, I discussed the Disneyworld idea with her, despite the fact it would negate a surprise factor, to see if she thought they could go if we helped pay for half of it...or if she would want to help plan, or what sounded fun to her. Also to see if she had any other ideas in mind for what she'd like to do for her anniversary. In this conversation I joked that maybe Mr. Random and I would just give her a grandbaby and be done with it...and my sisters could work out whatever they wanted on their own. Right.

So back to 2 nights ago, the conversation on the phone with my mother.
Me: You might want to consider something else...do you remember what I said I'd get you for your anniversary?

Mom: yes.

Me: Okay....yes, what exactly?

Mom:...well....something about Disneyworld.

Me: uh huh...and then I joked about getting you something else....

( She'd been thinking it the whole time I think, but not daring to hope. )

Mom: Children? A grandchild?

Me: Now I want you to know I was joking about that (I was!)....but you should be careful what you joke about...because it looks like we just may have done that.

I don't remember if I said the words "I'm pregnant". I don't think I did. But I told her it was still reallllllly early, and we hadn't planned on telling people yet b/c we wanted to wait until after the ultrasound, but I wanted her to have all the info when planning her trip. And that she could tell Dad, but please no one else. She said she wouldn't dream of telling anyone else, it wasn't her place. Aw, see, I knew I could trust you Mom! :)

So, she's pretty excited and thinking about a road trip down to AZ for a 2 week vacation around their anniversary. And I think that sounds like a pretty good consolation anniversary vacation, since Disneyworld isn't going to work out this year.

And I'm glad she knows now. I'm pretty much ready to tell anyone and everyone really...but then worry that it's still awfully early...and we don't really want to have to go back and tell everyone, never mind, if something happens.

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