Monday, January 25, 2010

Terrible at secrets

I can keep a secret, I really can. As long as it's not my own. Then...I'm pretty much an open book. And convinced you already know anyway. This pregnancy has been no different. After our thoughtful decision to wait until at least after the first ultrasound to tell ONLY close family, and after 12 weeks to tell anyone else...we have now, at just prior to 9 weeks, pretty much told all of our family and close friends. Whoopsies?

It really just snowballed. I mean, I told my parents so they wouldn't book a ticket for spring break when I knew they'd want to come to see the baby. And then we told random friends when they asked us directly about it and weren't connected to our other sets of friends. And then we had the ultrasound and told the rest of our immediate family. But then my mom hinted to her sister who hinted back that my cousin who is 6 months older than I also has happy baby news (we're probably due the same week! I know! How cool is that?!) And then my dad really wanted to tell his sister because he thought she could really use the good news after losing their oldest sister. So then that side of the family knew and it didn't seem fair to keep Mr. Random's extended fam (aunts and cousins and such) in the then we told THEM. And now, I think pretty much our nearest and dearest are all in the loop. I just have to tell my boss (tomorrow!) and then we've covered our closest folk! We're still trying to hold out until 12 weeks to post anything on the internet (facebook or our family blog) but it almost seems moot at this point. Ah well...we'll see what happens.

But then! I find out that Mr. Random's sister miscarried at 10 weeks 2 years ago. I knew she'd miscarried...I didn't know it was at 10 weeks. I'm 9 weeks tomorrow. So now all my superstitious fears are flared up that we've somehow borrowed trouble or "asked for it" or something by telling everyone already. I know that's stupid, it was just a kind of doom doom doommmmmm moment when I found that out. You know?

I'll try to not think about it, much, and move on. :)

On the plus side, we'd thought that Mr. Random's father, Papa Random, would respond to the news by lecturing us on how we're moving too quickly and settling down too fast but he surprised us by being one of our most excited customers! =)


  1. Congratulations on being "out"! We wanted to wait until 12 weeks with our son, too, but due to circumstances we told at only 5 weeks (long story). A friend of mine who has miscarried gave me this advice -- if God forbid something happens, you'll be glad people know so you can get the support. She hadn't told many people yet when she miscarried at 10 weeks, and she ended up telling more people about her loss than knew about the pregnancy anyway.

    But it doesn't matter because that WON'T happen to you!!


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