Monday, January 31, 2011

2 Steps Forward...1 Back

So - we are in the midst of "cry it out" with Wiggles.  And our week has gone like this:  First night of the New Regime - Wiggles woke at 1:50am, cried for 1.5 hours (amazing stamina Little One!) and then crashed out - only to wake again (and get fed) at 5:30am.  

The next 2 nights, he slept from bedtime until 6am!  Wonderful!

Then, again the waking at 1:50am.  2am is now considered The Danger Zone in our house.  And he cried for 1.5 hours, again.  And then woke to eat around 5:30am.

Then another night of sleeping all the way until 5:30am!  Woohoo!

And then last night...awake again at 1:50am.  But...I slept through him crying!  What kind of mother am I?  I didn't sleep through entirely - I mean, when he started we both woke up.  I managed to mumble "we're not getting him, right?" to Mr. Random, who confirmed.  And then....I went back to sleep.  So when Wiggles woke me at 4:45am this morning, I thought he'd only cried for 20 minutes and we were making progress!  Mr. Random informed me later that, in fact, he'd cried his usual 1.5 hours.  When I asked Mr. Random what kind of mother would sleep through that - he said "a tired one".  And, truth be told, I AM exhausted.  This trying to work on my PhD and teach AND be a mommy is all a bit tiring!

So - now The Conundrum.  The pediatrician had mentioned (I'm adding this for you too Aisha!) that if we have a really hard time with not feeding him until after 4-5am, that we could try going in right before we go to bed (so like 9 or 10pm after putting him down around 7 or 8) and waking him up to feed him again.

Now.  The Sacred Rule in this house is: Never wake a sleeping baby.

So this suggestion just sounds insane to us.  And we're not ready yet to try it.  Even with the 2 steps back, we do still have the occasional step for now...we'll stick with The New Regime.  And hope Wiggles learns soon to eat enough before bed, soothe himself if he wakes up in the night, and we'll all sleep peacefully.  *fingers crossed!*

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  1. We used to "dream feed" him but now I just think he really should sleep until 4-5am so I don't do it anymore. He's not well right now so I'll feed him however much he wants these next few days.

    And I sympathise with how you feel about sleeping through your baby crying- last night I think he was crying for a lot longer than when I finally came to and realized he was- like your hubby said- its exhausting- and its okay-

    We'll get to the other side, I know we will!

    Thanks for sharing your journey- I'm reading along and hoping for more sleep for both of us.


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