Monday, January 24, 2011

Still have to ask

So, part of blogging once a week is not only my posting...also my reading.  Truly, it's the reading that takes up so much of my time.  But I do love it so!  And confess I read a few times a week over the past week or so since my last post.  It's actually kind of a habit/addiction at this point!  Which is concerning in its own right I suppose.  But I've always been the type to get STUCK in a book - as in, I do not want to put it down for anything until it's done.  I'll just sit.  and read.  I even delay using the bathroom!'s perhaps not that surprising that I find myself wanting to read blogs more often than once a week.

I still haven't asked the pediatrician about the night feeds.  I plan to call and ask tomorrow.  I had decided that he must really be hungry and I'd just go with it because he is still pretty young.  And after making that decision life was good, and then better - he slept for 10 hours 2 nights in a row!  I thought we'd *finally* made it into the blissful world of regular - long - sleep.  And started to fall apart.  It started with a waking at 4am.  The next night, it was 3:30am.  Then 3...2:55...2:45...and then last night he woke up at 1am and 6am before actually waking for the day at 8:30.  Ugggghhhh. 

And tonight?  Well...I put him down early because he's been super tired the past 2-3 days.  We think he might be fighting off a cold?  :(  He's had some boogers and the slightest of a runny nose but the biggest "symptom" is excessive tiredness.  He just seems tired ALL day long!  And took a super long nap yesterday (perhaps why he woke more at night?).  So I put him down early but he's been SUUUPER fussy - it sounded like he went to sleep, but I just heard some crying on the monitor.  It was there for about 10 seconds...and then gone.  Is he crying in his sleep?  Is he still awake?  Is he really sick and he needs something?  He hasn't had a fever...we've been checking every day.

Anyway, I'll be calling the pediatrician, and I'll be sure to ask about the nighttime feedings.  I'll keep you posted.

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  1. This is one thing EVERYone tells me that you will have some good nights sleep-wise and its back to bad nights sleep-wise. Every few days/weeks they are going through a new developmental leap, or teething, or "whoknowswhat" and the sleep gets off again. I guess such is our life until they are older :) And then we'll miss all this won't we?


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