Saturday, January 1, 2011


So, adding to the stress of our financial finagling is figuring out health insurance.  Yes, the dreaded beast.  My insurance is paid for through my school.  (yay!).  Mr. Random will have to buy his through his school ($1000 for the semester...which isn't TOO bad when you look at the cost per month).  And then we have to buy some for Wiggles.  He was on Mr. Random's.  Now he'll be on mine (cheaper than thru Mr. Random's school).

We knew this was going to be one of the expenses of going this route - and so it was in my financial calculations for how everything would work out.  I went on my school's website and looked up how much it would cost for the semester (which covers summer too) and found it was roughly $1400.  Ouch.  But okay.  I added it into the budget and moved on.

Fast forward to this past week when I tried to add him to my policy.  First, the website wouldn't let me register.  I finally called for assistance, and that person...well, was not helpful in the end.  I was supposed to get a call back when they fixed whatever issue, but in my experience, whenever they say they'll "call back" they won't.

So I called back the next day and said I just wanted to add him over the phone.  Turns out you can't.  Can't add him in person either.  My choices were over the internet, or by mail.  Problem with this was that for him to have continuous coverage I needed to add him THIS week. bad putting it off, but it takes a bit of work to come up with the $1400.  Which I have to pay upfront.

Turns out, it's not $1400.  It's $2400.  Great.  Now I need another $ less than a week.  We have about enough in our meager savings - and that's what we're going to have to do, is wipe that out.  The irony is, that when I did the financial calculations, I was basically pretending that we'd pay the premium out of the money we will be getting for the semester - in student loans and my stipend.  And then did all the math, less the cost of health insurance, taxes, and what nots to give us a monthly "income" to budget from.

Now, with the extra $1000, I needed to re-work my math.  So I went back.  And it turns out...I'd fudged the numbers the first time (I often do as a sort of "buffer").  I always fudge them so that we think we'll have slightly less than we actually will.  When I went back I used the actual numbers - no fudging, because I wanted a clear picture.  Turns out when I'd fudged I'd managed to pretend we didn't have about $1000 dollars.  Our monthly amount is exactly the same when I use the real numbers, with the new insurance amount.

That, my friends, is ironic.  And possibly Providence.  I take it as a sign that it'll all work out somehow.

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