Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Chapter

It's a new year and soon we're embarking on our new roles.  While we're both going to be students, I'll have more obligations, so Mr. Random is becoming the house husband and I'm becoming the "bread-winner".  So to speak.

I have mixed feelings about my new role.  Part of me is excited to return to research and teaching and intellectual thought.  Part of me is sad that I won't be seeing Wiggles as much.  But knowing that he'll be in Mr. Random's care makes it all 100% easier.  And I'm fairly confident that after the transition everything will settle down to a pretty nice situation.  Except for the money stress.  But even when it comes to that, I think we'll be okay.  And mostly happy.  Once we know how everything is going to be (there's still some things up in the air) it'll be a lot easier to just bite the bullet, stick to our new budget, and stop worrying about it. 

We've mostly decided to stay where we are, despite the rent increase.  It looks like we might be able to rent a house for about the same as the new rent here, which would be super!  But utilities would likely be more and we can't get a house in this neighborhood.  And we like our neighborhood.  And most of our issues are honestly neighbor issues.  And let's be honest, we could end up with those problems anywhere we go.  :-/  No, it's not ideal here, but ultimately, it's probably the cheapest option that let's us stay in the neighborhood we love.  This way we don't have to pay the extra deposits and moving costs of getting into a new place.  Better the evil you know, right?

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