Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Vent

I just need to vent for a moment.  Before I do I want to start with the caveat that Mr. Random is, in fact, for the most part, a good father and husband.  He does do his share of work and pull his own weight.  The trouble, it seems, is he does it in fits and starts.

Here's how today went, from my point of view.

We went to bed at the same time.  Wiggles, thankfully, slept through the night.  When he woke at 6am, I got up and fed him.  I then took my shower and got ready for the day.  Mr. Random slept in.  I imagine my morning activities disturbed his sleep - but it can't be more than his did my sleep back when Wiggles was BARELY sleeping and Mr. Random was working.

I started working on somethings and checking email.  Got breakfast, and realized that Wiggles would want to eat about 15-20 minutes before I needed to leave to go teach (separate from the 7:30 class).  So I started pumping about 40 minutes before I planned to leave.  Amazingly, Wiggles slept this whole 2 hour chunk of time!

Right as I was finishing pumping, and literally 5 minutes before I had wanted to leave, Mr. Random gets up and informs me that the baby is waking.  He wants to know if I'll be able to feed him, since he can see I'm pumping.

Um.  No, dear, I have to leave, that's why I'm pumping.  I finish pumping while Mr. Random gets Wiggles and plays with him while I prepare the milk into a bottle.  I hand that to Wiggles, and he manages to hold it and get the nipple into his mouth!  When did he learn to do that?  I just handed him the bottle to see what he'd do!  I then grab my stuff and head out the door, 10 minutes late.

I teach my class.  Roughly 3 hours late I arrive back home, just in time to feed a hungry baby.  Which I do - knock another 40 minutes off my day.  Though, I ate lunch at the same time, so yay multi-tasking!

We want to go on a walk with the baby, the plan is to do so after he finishes eating.  Problem - our stroller tires are flat.  So we go on the walk with just the baby carrier.  I end up feeling ill on the walk but we finish it. I'm frustrated that this takes another hour plus out of my productive hours, but am glad to spend the time with my family.  Mr. Random and I definitely need to start doing things like this to reconnect, with or without (probably better) Wiggles.

We get back and I try to get some work done.  Now, before we left, Mr. Random DID start a roast in the slow cooker.  Though I had to offer input the whole time.  Fine.  I appreciate him actually doing the work.

I did get some work done, but soon it was time to do the rest of dinner.  Mr. Random wanted steamed broccoli.  It's not hard, and yet he doesn't know how so I always do it?  And we were making roasted potatoes.  We?  No.  Me.  Meanwhile, he's been playing his video games.  Every so often I have to cross between him and the TV b/c we have a small apartment.  This apparently pisses him off.  He complains about it.  He picked a poor time though, because I had just STOPPED working, to finish cooking dinner.  While he played his video game.

REALLY?  I'm trying to get work done while you play a video game, and you're going to get upset at me for walking over to the window to draw the blinds because it's dark outside now?

We had dinner and watched a movie together.  I didn't feel like it a lot b/c I was irritated, but thought I needed to swallow my pride and do something sort of together with him.  After the movie and dinner it was time for clean up.  He started to help and spilled a bunch of the sauce from the slow cooker - I asked what happened and he said in an irritated voice "I'm tired!".


I'm sorry that I don't have much sympathy - considering you slept in 3 hours later than I did, told me earlier you weren't doing any work today, your contributions to dinner were equal or less than mine, and you spent the rest of the day either playing with our son or video-gaming.

That's all.  Just venting.

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