Monday, June 21, 2010

Tiny Hand - Big Love

We recently celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. It's amazing to think it's already been 4 years! Looking back, I've changed a lot in those 4 years...but in other ways, it seems like it was just yesterday, and couldn't have possibly been 4 years already!

But it was especially fitting that on that day, I felt our little baby's hand. Or maybe foot. I'm not sure. We were lying in bed, chatting before falling asleep, and feeling the little one wiggle around, when suddenly...a little tiny hand (I think) pushed up, right into my palm.

I will admit, until all still felt kind of...strange. Detached. I mostly worried about the logistics and found myself seldom thinking of a cute little baby. Something about feeling that hand changed how I look at this baby! NOW, it seems like a sweet little baby. NOW I find myself more often thinking silly baby thoughts of love, instead of worrying about how good of a mother I'll be.

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