Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So many ideas

So little time.

We had an awesome weekend exploring this lovely country so bravely defended by our veterans. It seemed appropriate.

But we got back late on Monday, and Tuesday was full of meetings and my first day teaching an intro class - lecture and lab - at one of the local community colleges. Luckily, I have notes from a friend who taught the same class last summer, but I still feel totally under-prepared.

The class went fine, all half hour of it (it was the first day...) but today is the second day and today we have full lecture and lab. I find myself overly anxious. I was anxious all last night too. Ugh.

And meanwhile, I feel like there's a list a mile long of other things I should/want to be doing. From working on dissertation stuff to just cleaning this apartment up a little! We haven't really unpacked from the weekend yet. That's fairly typical...but still, it'd be nice if I could find 15 minutes to do it.

And then there's all the ideas of what I could write about on here. But they're all jumbled up, definitely in part because of this low-level constant anxiety I'm feeling about teaching. Ugh.

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