Thursday, June 10, 2010

So much to write, so little time

Teaching two classes is taking up most of my time. It's a lot of work! But I'm finally getting past the anxiety and starting to enjoy it. Now my biggest concern is that they're not learning enough...which could be my fault...or could be theirs.

I probably should have written tons last night - I had the time, as I was not sleeping. I woke up about 1:30 am to pee...and couldn't fall back asleep. All my fidgeting was keeping Mr. Random awake, so I got up...but felt too tired to do anything productive! It was not fun. I was up til at least 4am...that was when I last looked at the clock. I felt really tired...but couldn't sleep.

Random Jr. was active during this time...and may have been doing full flips in one point either the head or butt was STICKING out - it looked crazy. Just this round mass pushing out to the side of my belly button.

I'm still so tired...I went to sleep on the guest bed (which is hard as a rock) and was there for maybe 2 hours...before I got up because it was TOO HOT and I realized Mr. Random was up for I got back in our bed and slept for another hour and a half or so...and then I got up. I was hungry.

Now, I expected a schedule somewhat like that when the baby was actually born and screaming at me to feed/change/love it...but not before! What is this? Torture? A prep course for baby care 101? I don't like it.

Meanwhile, I feel totally unfunctional. I need to make review sheets and exams for both classes and planned to get at least one review sheet out of the way this morning...that...has not happened. I just can't trust myself to be coherent enough to do it properly.

Now, I think of post topics...often while driving...and then forget when I have chance to write them out. In an effort to remember some of the topics kicking around my mind currently, I'm making a list here - which I plan to work from over the next week or two:

*anonymous gamete donation
*And then there were 3 - my thoughts/fears/hopes/dreams of becoming a 3

And the rest I've clean forgot already...well, maybe some sleep will help a bit.

Oh yeah, by the way - the slow cooker roast, turned out AWESOME. Mr. Random declared he liked it better that way than the other way we'd been cooking it all these years....and he liked the other way alright, so it was pretty good.

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