Saturday, June 5, 2010

Learning the Art of Using a Slow Cooker

It might sound strange, but we've barely used the slow cooker we got at our wedding roughly 4 years ago. I think we've used fact. We're trying to change that and learn to use it more, as it seems like a good way to save time, and have a yummy dinner basically ready when we get home.

This won't be such an issue in the fall when I'll be home all day, but starting next January when we're both working and have a little one, it might be essential. So we're trying to learn all about it now. Or, I guess I am, as I'm the one who's used it, counting today, twice now.

I like to say I'm "experimentin'"

The first experiment was a chicken dish. I used apricot nectar and some cornstarch, some water, lemon juice, chicken broth, some dried fruit bits and the chicken breasts. It was a variation on a recipe we've made on the stove top. It turned out decent, though the "fruit sauce" was far too runny. More cornstarch next time I guess?

This experiment is a roast. I've made roasts before. Never with a slow cooker. Which, I guess is weird for some families. My family, as long as I took notice anyway, always made roasts with an electric skillet. It takes about 3 hours that way. And we usually put tomato sauce over them.

My roast is currently cooking, but sans tomato sauce. Instead, I used some french onion soup packet we had in the pantry...added a few more spices and some carrots...and we'll see how this turns out. I'm actually a bit nervous.

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