Sunday, February 28, 2010

Right then

So, the post on 2/24 wasn't supposed to go up...I had written a 3 part series outlining my dealing with the in-laws but hadn't decided if I wanted to post it...this was back in January. So I just put the publish date to sometime later in the future to decide. Then deleted apparently 2 of the 3 and then forgot about that one. And here we are. So that was probably confusing! One of those outlined the fiasco at the wedding, which truly was a fiasco.

I'll just say, thanks for your comments! And, it's not the bed-rest induced brain, it's my baby-brain and sudden spurt of intense business at school that's caused that post to go up without context.

And, Mr. Random has indeed attempted to tell his sister how he feels and how he is married to me and that she needs to get over it and get to know me. He wrote her a letter even. She responded in a rather condescending and nasty way. And here we are today. His opinion is that he put up with 23 years of her crap, and he's over it now. She's not changed in those 23 years, he doesn't anticipate she'll change in the next 23. (I have hopes she could, but that makes me overly optimistic in his book) :) Good advice about letting her visit - the only issue being we live over 1000 miles away. I assume we'd have to let her stay with us. That seems more than awkward. But something to think about for sure.

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