Thursday, February 11, 2010

OB Appt #3

I had an OB appointment today. No ultrasound but was promised they would try for heart tones. And try they did. But alas...we couldn't hear the little one's fluttering heart over my own...and my gurgling stomach.

The doc did find it on the doppler - it was picked up at 140 bpm, but we just couldn't hear it. A little disappointing, but as long as she saw there's still a little tiny heart beating away, I'm happy.

Mr. Random had to work today, so I took the day to go clothes shopping. Maternity clothes shopping. And it was as if there was a conspiracy against me getting anything at all!

Before the appointment I'd found some coupons for Old I figured I'd go there and Target thinking I could hit up the clearance for good deals. Now...the nearest Old Navy I knew of was on my way back home, about 30 minutes from my appointment. Basically half-way across town. Which was fine, as I said, on my way home. We'll get to why this will become a problem in a moment.

First, I went to Target since I'd seen a bit of the other store's selection online and had an idea about their prices. The ONLY pair of pants close to my size (1 size too big still) on the clearance rack were a pair of jeans, with a funky cinched elastic waist. Fine, I thought. They're only $7, it's worth trying on. They had a tapered leg! Excuse me? I think tapered legs are hideous to begin with. You're trying to tell me that when I'm growing HUGE on top, this will be flattering? Are we trying to make me look more top-heavy than nature will do alone? Horrifying. And I looked at the shirts but they all looked like I'd swim in them even the day I was ready to give birth...maybe I'm wrong, but they just looked too huge. And weren't cute at all.

So on to Old Navy. Turns out...the one I went to, did not carry maternity in store. Ah. Great. I asked to be sure and was told that the nearest store that did...was about a mile from where my appointment had been. Ahhhhhhh! I had no idea there was one out there.

I was not about to drive all the way back, so I went home instead. Well, I started for home, and then detoured to WalMart. I'm not a fan, exactly, but thought it was worth a shot. Well, the WalMart by my house is a smallerish one...and alas, they too lacked a maternity section. It was like the stars had aligned against me.

Defeated, but not completely giving up, I went home. And then ordered 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of khakis, and 2 very highly rated nursing tops from It cost more than I had wanted, but all were on sale, I got free shipping, and $10 off the total purchase. I'm convinced it was a good deal. Well, I'm trying to convince myself and perhaps by telling you that it's a good deal I'll believe it too. $70 is a lot of money for only 4 articles of clothing. Mr. Random said I'd better wear all of it EVERY DAY. I thought wearing 2 pairs of pants together with 2 shirts every day seemed a little we'll see if he insists. :)

In other news, I've added one of those silly tickers. I think they're cute...and I like that it'll help me keep track of what week and day I am.

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