Thursday, February 4, 2010

Starting to share the news

***Note: this post was originally written after my 8 week appt at the end of January - I had a lot more irrelevant stuff about the in-laws that I was debating leaving or taking out. I took it out. But that's why it's showing up 2 weeks later. I will probably get into the issues with the in-laws later...because I'll be happy to hear outside opinions on the matter.***

So, after our appointment, we celebrated by going to lunch at Red Robin. It's been awhile since we've been there, but we love it! And we even got a mud pie to top it all off. Yummmm.

And, we started calling and telling more of our family. Mr. Random called his sister first. But she didn't answer. So then he called his mother, who's response was "oh cool." He thought it was kind of weird. She wound up calling later in the day to tell him that she really is excited for us, she was just so stunned earlier she didn't know what to say. All of his family would wind up saying they thought the sister would be sharing such news before us...but I guess they also thought we'd wait until I'd graduated and started my job before we'd try...which was never the plan, so that's that. And then he called his dad. He'd been dreading this call.

I don't believe I've ranted about my in-laws, bless them. :) I do like my in-laws, but Mr. Random's family are 5 of the most stubborn AND petty people I know. Baaddddd combination folks. The important part to explain why he dreaded calling his dad is that his dad often lectures him (I see it as his way of showing he cares...Mr. Random sees it as very negative...and really just wants Papa Random's approval - it's so frustrating). Anyway, Papa Random has lectured Mr. Random at each milestone. He thought we were too young when we married and that Mr. Random should have dated around more and traveled before settling down. And when we bought our house he was very negative...because we needed to travel more and not settle down so young. (smart man on that, very smart man.) ANYWAY, Mr. Random really didn't want another lecture about how we're too young and moving too fast.

But Papa Random surprised us. He was one of our more excited recipients of the news! His response: All right! He was genuinely excited and no lecture materialized. :) Yay! We found out he'd been after Mr. Random's sister for some time to get on the baby-making train, so I guess he was just happy to be becoming a grandpa, regardless of who was giving him the grandbaby.

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  1. How awesome! I'm so glad your hubby was pleasantly surprised by his dad's reaction. There's something about a little baby that can make even tough older men into mush. :)


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