Monday, March 1, 2010

We're Moving?

Mr. Random applied for a new job. He's more excited about the job duties and it pays nearly twice what he's making now. Which is good. Very good. And will mean I can take fall semester off, which would be ideal.

Well, he interviewed last Tuesday, on Wednesday they told him he had it (yay!!!) and then on Thursday he had to submit for a background test and Friday he provided a "sample" for a drug test. It should mean he has the job, but he's waiting to celebrate until he has the yes, you're official, here's your start date, in hand. Doesn't want to jinx it. I don't blame him. He's very excited about the not to do anything that might jinx it in that case.

So, there are a lot of positives - he likes the job activities better, the improved pay...but there's one, little, tiny hang up. It's 46.1 miles from our house. Which works out to about 1 hour and 50 minutes with way. not acceptable in my book. His commute now is about 1 hour and 15 minutes with traffic, and that's already taking up too much time. He'll never be able to see me or the baby if he has a 2 hour commute!

So...we're looking to move now...instead of when they finally foreclose on the house or we get an offer. In like...2 weeks because that's his estimated start time. We put $100 down on Saturday to hold an apartment. It's all so fast! And sad...I love this house so much. And now, instead of saving money by living in a house we're not paying the mortgage on...we'll be paying rent every month. Our friends in this town have not paid their mortgage for over a year! That could save us so much money! But 100 miles a day commute is not at all something I think is reasonable. So there we are. The plus side is we can take our time moving stuff...and look at consolidating what we have and having a nice garage sale...but it still makes me really sad. I never thought we'd be leaving the house so soon...


  1. I'm sorry about the house :( but congratulations on DH's new job!! It sounds wonderful, and moving is definitely the right call. Like you said, once the baby comes, every minute you can shave off his commute will be valuable. Good luck!

  2. Thanks! It's reassuring to hear you think it's the right call too =)


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