Friday, February 19, 2010

Virtual Baby Shower

The Happy Scientist is throwing a virtual baby shower for ScienceGirl! You can still get in on this if you want...just go here to see the plan.

I've been to very few baby showers so far, actually. But I seem to recall an activity where little slips of paper were passed around and everyone wrote some words of wisdom or advice on their slip, then put them in a jar where the mom-to-be pulled them out and read them out loud.

Consider this a collection of those slips:

***Whatever Works is Right***

***When you're exhausted and up at 2 am feeding the baby...remember that there are hundreds of other mothers doing the exact same thing, at the same time as're not alone***

***Don't be afraid to ask for help!***

***try to find time every day just for you***

***sleep any chance you get!***

***just because your spouse parents differently, doesn't mean it's wrong...give each other the chance to make mistakes and learn free from judgement***

***take pictures every day! they grow too fast!***

Happy Baby Shower ScienceGirl!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool, thank you for the thoughtful collection of slips! I will try to keep all of those in mind!


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