Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where we're at

A better place so far. Mr. Random has started seeing a counselor and has also started taking some anti-depressants. He has some ADD meds too.

I have stopped seeing a counselor as the one I'd been seeing (who helped me so much more than anyone else ever had) moved to a new practice that is out of network for my insurance. I still wanted to see if I could go but it means a $1000 deductible and then they'll start covering 50% of the cost - which is $115/hr. Yikes!

Just not possible at this time.

So I need to go back and start over with a new counselor, but I'm dragging my feet because I so liked the old one.

Despite my set backs I feel a bit happier and less trapped and more loved. It does feel like Mr. Random is less critical....and less of a tool since he's started taking his meds and counseling. Which is nice. I know it's not all on his end...I need to make changes too.

But I feel like we're making progress, and right now, that feels pretty good.

Meanwhile, Wiggles is walking and talking! No more bottles - he eats table food and drinks from sippy cups! He's so big!

I'm worried right now he's not getting enough to eat. He's a bit of a little guy and was only 15% for weight at his 12 mo check up...I guess we'll see. We got back for a booster flu shot in October - I'll be very curious to see how his weight gain is then.

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