Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And moving on

Pity party (see previous post) is over. Well, mostly. I'm trying to focus on the positive (a [mostly] healthy and super-sweet little son). :)

I just have one more parting thought (for now) on pregnancy and childbirth. From my soapbox. It's this: I really, personally, respect the process of pregnancy and the process of childbirth. I think about all the many factors that can go wrong. And I just am in awe of all the things that do go right. It's truly, truly amazing. I don't know if respect is even the right word for how I feel about these processes. And while my last labor was drug-free, I have no idea how my next will go. I am fully aware that any number of things can be, will be, different and consequently, my next pregnancy and labor will be different. And I'm okay with that. A little nervous and a lot excited to see how it all unfolds.

And this is what bugs me about some people in my family and of my acquaintance who are currently pregnant or trying to be (and freely sharing their thoughts on the matter). Not everyone, for sure, but a lot of these individuals seem to have absolutely no respect or awe or even concern for pregnancy and childbirth as processes. It seems they view them more as unfortunate but necessary hurdles they must jump to "join the club" of mommyhood. And it just irks me.

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