Monday, July 12, 2010

Team Green

We do not know the sex of Random Junior. We know that he or she is an active little thing and sometimes call him/her NinjaBaby...but we do not know the he/she part. Several of our friends and family are peeved by this...not in a, you HAVE to find out inappropriate way, more in're going to make me wait until he/she's born whining kind of way. Which is fine. They're impatient to know.

Truthfully, I am to some extent too. But Mr. Random is enjoying the anticipation fully. I'm usually all about anticipation of something. And for the most part, I'm enjoying this too...but not entirely. Planning has been a little more difficult. And I feel like I should KNOW. They say mother's are right something like 72% of the time if they guess the sex before it's revealed to them. Well shoot, that's better than the 50/50% odds you should have! And for the first 20 or so weeks, I was pretty sure this little one was a girl. Then I was marginally less sure...and then at 28 weeks we saw a 3d ultrasound that showed the little one's face. Complete with that looks like Daddy's nose. Seeing that...I started thinking boy more. But truthfully, I just feel like I have no idea.

Mr. Random likes to ask me each day if it's a boy or a girl. I just don't know!

Perhaps the most amusing part is when strangers offer their approval. People love pregnant women, and become much friendlier when you're an obvious carrier of the baby bump. I can't recall how many times I've had a stranger ask when I'm due and what I'm having. When I tell them it's a surprise, they almost all say "good for you!" with great feeling. Really? Thanks for your approval I guess...

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