Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm due in August. The end of August. Which basically puts me smack dab in the middle of "baby season". I've read from multiple sources that July, August, and September are the most common months to give birth. Yay for fitting in?

Anyway, most explanations I've seen for this phenomenon cite the weather "9 months" prior to this magical season of the year - suggesting that it's cold, dreary, and people have sex. And, ta da!, we have a baby boom in July, August, and September every year. Maybe. I'd be curious to see if the "baby season" is in the opposite time of the year in the southern hemisphere though.

I have another theory to offer forth. You see, there are distinct advantages to being in the third trimester during the summer season. Yes, even in the Arizona desert! (believe me, it's hot and miserable) But there are advantages. For one thing, fresh fruit is readily available and close to affordable during the summer seasons! I credit my high intake of fresh fruit with combating constipation. Supposedly a common third trimester symptom...not something I've had to suffer yet (thankfully!). Further, while my feet are certainly swelling, spreading and otherwise difficult to cram into shoes (and further more, just finding my feet around this belly to cram into shoes is enough of a challenge!) it's summer, so I don't have to worry about it. I have a wide array of flip flops that get the job done, and Bonus! can be put on without bending over or otherwise contorting myself. The pool is open in the summer. And swimming while heavily pregnant, is fantastic. It's a good time. I feel like there were more benefits, but that's what I can come up with currently. So, with all these benefits to being heavily pregnant in the it really a coincidence that that's when most women find themselves in such a condition? Is it because they're bored and cold in the winter 10 months before? Or is it because our bodies know, biologically speaking, that being heavily pregnant in the summer, while a disadvantage from the heat stand point, will actually work out pretty well for us in the end...and consequently, we're more fertile in the winter months? I think some serious study needs to be made into this area.

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