Friday, July 16, 2010

Heat, Heat, and More Heat

It has been HOT here. Really hot. Melt into a puddle the second you walk outside hot. And while last summer I managed the heat quite well...this not working out so well. If I have to drive ANYWHERE, and get back into my car after leaving it for...5 minutes or more in direct's all over. I'm sweaty. Miserable. Overheating. Yuck!

I used to be the one who could have "icy feet of death" even when it was 115 out. Even when we kept our thermostat at 82 or 80 at night (too warm for sleeping comfortable, but much kinder on the wallet!).

No longer!

And with all this heat, not a single monsoon storm! It's the saving grace of summer here in southern Arizona...but sadly, here we are, mid-July and not a storm to ease the monotony of repressive, overwhelming, squeltering hot summer. Sigh.

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