Saturday, May 15, 2010

Maternity Pillows

Have you ever tried one of those things? I don't get them.

Mr. Random was so sweet and surprised me one day recently by buying me one (and ice cream). Totally out of the blue! He told me he didn't know anything about them, so he bought the most expensive one. :) It was by Boppy and it really seemed great...but I couldn't work out how to turn over with it, without completely waking up trying to re-arrange the thing, while fighting the covers which were trying desperately to pin me and the pillow down. We wound up returning it. I have a nest system with about 4 pillows going that works fairly well...I really liked the concept of the maternity pillow but it wasn't at all worth the fight to turn over when I turn probably 10 times a night (I'm guessing).

Maybe I was doing it wrong?

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