Monday, May 17, 2010


Ah yes. Now I've done got a baby growing inside, I will, at some point, have to get it out. I have mixed feelings about all of that. (a mixture of fear, excitement, concern, curiosity...shaken, not stirred)

I tend to swing hippie-granola. But not super crunchy granola...probably not organic granola...but a good soft granola for sure. Which means, I'd prefer to avoid The Drugs. I get mixed responses when I announce this - but the most common one, is an incredulous look followed by "you're crazy". The next most common reaction is a knowing look, a pat on the head, and a "whatever you say dear". Okay, people haven't literally done that, but I know they want to. They expect me to be SCREAMING for an epidural at my first Braxton Hicks. I truly appreciate their skepticism.

So seriously, I'd like to avoid The Drugs. And I'd REALLY like to avoid The Epidural. There are a number of reasons. First off, I don't take drugs in real life. I'm one of your weirdos that people think are Mormon because I seem so "clean" or something, but I'm not. I just try to avoid just seems like if I can find other ways to manage a headache, then do that. Why ingest a synthetic substance my body doesn't need? (that being said, I was for a time on some pretty intense drugs for regular tension headaches...but I think that was a mistake - I went off the drugs, and with other methods, like massages and not being so damn stressed out, the headaches went away - miracle of miracles)

Okay, so Reason #1. I avoid drugs in real life. So you're argument, wouldn't you take a pill for a headache, not going to work. I generally don't. And I've had migraines yo. That's when I consider an ibuprofen. Reason #2 - the drugs will pass to the baby. Now, I suppose it's possible the baby wants to be drugged out of it's misery too...but what happens when it has to try to breath and learn to nurse? Maybe it'd like to be in full control of it's limited mental faculties to attempt these important life skills. Just a thought.

But the big reason, the ultimate why I want to avoid an Epidural: I fear it. I don't want someone poking things in my spine if it can be helped! And further, one of the most common side effects is a drop in blood pressure. I already run low, and have a history of passing out. In the middle of labor, probably not a good time to go swooning. (no, it's not as romantic as they make it seem in movies and old stories, it's actually really, really sucky)

So, that's it. I just think it'll be healthier for everyone if I can find a way to manage the pain of childbirth without drugs or epidurals. Despite this, I'm not saying absolutely no way, no how. I mean, I've never done this before. I have no real idea how it's going to go or how I'll handle it. So, my plan, thus far, is to go in with an open mind, attempt to manage the pain with other methods...but if it gets too much, it gets too much. And the ultimate goal here is that Random Jr. and I survive - preferably healthy and ready to go home 2 days later. If that means an epidural, then so be it. But I really hope it doesn't. :)


  1. I am scared of injections and needles in my spine, too. Anything requiring hospitalization -- grosses me out. I would rather get fixed up in a M*A*S*H tent than today's germy hospitals.

    So, those were my reasons to use a midwife and birth at home, as well as not wanting the baby to be doped up.

    I found the best management techniques were relaxation techniques (fear management? being open to the unknown and trusting in your body, in nature...).

    Also being able to move around and labor in any position you feel comfortable. If I had been strapped to a bed I know I would have begged for drugs. Instead I could move in ways that helped me feel better and eased the baby's passage.

    And the best of all was HOT WATER either hot water bottles draped all over my aching body (back, thighs) or a pool or tub of very warm water. This eased a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort! GOOD LUCK :)

  2. Thanks! :) That all sounds like good advice. I'll be delivering in a hospital, but they said I could get up and walk, and they have a shower...but no tub. At first I was disappointed, but I do love showers and find them very relaxing, so it may work out just as well.


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