Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Follow up on childbirth

So, there's these classes you take, right? To learn about the delivery and what to expect and different pain management options. And you're supposed to go with your support person. For me, this is Mr. Random.

Well, I've had a HELL of a time scheduling the damn thing. I'll be teaching in the evenings they offer these courses, and lately Mr. Random has been having to work Saturdays. We finally settled on a likely Saturday, for him to realize this past week that he has a mandatory work day that day, and the following Saturdays are likely to be "strongly encouraged".

So I called to see about re-scheduling (again) and asked if he would be able to just come to the last part, and the person said you have to have a partner, because of the positions and such. She said you could bring your mom or your sister and then he could step in, but you need someone else there.

And I nearly burst into tears! There's no one else. My mom and sisters live out of state, far, far away. My supposed friends that I would ask have been too busy to even call lately.

I'm all alone.

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