Thursday, November 4, 2010

Would You?

Since little Wiggles is on the extra fussy side I've been put on a super restricted diet.  I've been able to slowly start adding things back in to see how he takes it...but, once again, it's impossible to control all variables and be sure that it's my diet that caused the change.  For instance, I tried a bit of dairy this week...and he seemed fine the first day.  The second day.  Also fine.  I didn't eat any on the third day, but he was fussy that day.  Was it because of the 2 days of dairy?  Or was it because he got over tired from having his naps interrupted by noisy maintenance occurring during all of his naptimes?

At any rate, because of the restricted diet we haven't been buying as much milk.  Just haven't needed it.  But I went to make some tea this morning and thought...just a little, iddy, biddy splash would be okay.  Only to find that we were out.  Guess Mr. Random used the last of it yesterday...what I did see in the fridge though was a small bottle of breastmilk I had pumped the previous night.  And I'd be lying if I didn't admit my next thought was hmmmmm.....

Would you use breastmilk if you found you were out of cow's milk?  I couldn't decide if that was totally wrong or not...but thought also that the advantage would be that it shouldn't upset the little guy's tummy!  haha!  In the end I felt like it was too much like drinking one's own pee...I mean, you'd do it if you had to, but otherwise not.  And the tea doesn't have to have that little splash of milk.

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