Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Twice on Tuesday

I'm really bad at this Twice on Tuesday thing!  I probably should have picked a different day of the week because Tuesdays are probably our busiest around here.

I had planned LAST week to write about how thankful I am for access to medicine and things like IV's.  I'm pretty sure (but haven't looked it up to double check) that dehydration is one of, if not the, biggest baby killers worldwide.  It's a big deal.  So I'm extra super thankful that we have access to medical technologies that helped my baby when he was dehydrated.  He wasn't even that dehydrated, but enough for us to be worried and I'm so thankful.  And I'm happy to report he's made a full recovery!

I'm also really thankful for Mr. Random lately.  Our marriage has been feeling rocky, but somehow through it all I find myself glad to be working through these issues with him.  I wouldn't want to be working on these things with anyone else.

We need to find a regular babysitter so we can actually go out on dates again.  And really, he needs a LOT less stress in his life.  Period.  Not sure what else I can do to help him with that...

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