Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Years Resolution

I've already decided on my New Year's Resolution.  It might be a little early, but not by much.  So, here goes:

For 2011, I resolve to be less cranky.

Yessir.  I am high-strung by nature, and run at a level of heightened anxiety...pretty much 24/7.  I stress over things.  Big things and small things.  And it's not healthy.  Or necessary really.  Most often my stress and anxiety do very little to help with whatever is causing the stress and anxiety in the first place.  In fact, mostly it is an obstacle by rendering me either completely useless, completely bitchy, or both. needs to stop.

I realize it's not going to stop completely, and especially not right away.  This is a hard habit to unlearn and is probably going to be a life-long project.  But I want to get started.  So - here's to 2011.  The year I will start mellowing out, releasing my anxiety, and learning to just relax and roll with the punches a little more.  All in the name of personal happiness and setting a better example for a sweet wiggly boy.

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