Monday, December 6, 2010

And then when he does sleep...

I find myself overly anxious.  I worry that he's stopped breathing.  And I've been doing other things, oblivious.  Ugh.  Wiggles is taking his 3rd nap of the day.  The first nap was 56 minutes, the second just over an hour.  So far, this third nap, he's been down for 2.5 hours.  And it's taking all of my self control to not go in there to check on him...why don't I?  Because the door sticks and it'd likely wake him.  And when you have a baby that struggles with The Sleep as much as Wiggles really, really, really don't want to interrupt when he does, in fact, sleep.  But boy does it give me anxiety.  I'll probably only hold out another 10-15 minutes...then I'll risk it.

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  1. Oh dear- I am THE SAME WAY- my boy hates sleeping- am writing this in the darkened room as I wait for him whimper again for the 100th time this evening actually- I also check to see if he's breathing- I think its normal. hoping for sleep for you and me.

    Btw- I added you on my list of mommy bloggers- if you'd like me to change your blurb I'll happily do so.


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