Friday, October 1, 2010

The Written Word

Well after some of the comments on my last post I was ready to give up writing.  At least when in a state of supreme exhaustion. I thought I must have completely missed the mark and had somehow conveyed a message I never intended.  Fortunately, or unfortunately if you were hoping I'd give up writing, some of the other commenters have restored my inspiration. 

Colby was right on the mark.  I wasn't hoping for a Nobel Peace Prize.  To have drugs or not during birth is definitely an extremely personal decision.  I made the choice that was right for me, and it wound up being no drugs.  That I successfully navigated what is often considered one of the more painful experiences of human existence without the aid of drugs, seems like something I can be proud of, without alienating or offending others.  If you don't think so...well, I think that's your issue, not mine.  And truthfully, my sister didn't even make me feel that grumpy.  I thought the whole situation was highly ironic, and in my mind, irony usually equals funny.  Which is why I decided to type up and submit the story.

And Danielle had a good point too; this sister has not had a child, and it's very likely she thought it was like on tv, where once the baby is delivered you spring back to "normal".  I hadn't even considered that, so thanks for the insight.  :)

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