Monday, October 25, 2010

Blessed Sleep

Wiggles has started sleeping with some regularity.  Halllllelujah!  :)

He's slept at least 5 hours each night since the last post...though one of the nights I guess he woke up twice in the 5 hour stretch.  I wouldn't know because it was Friday night and Mr. Random so very kindly took the boy and let me just sleep.  I've been getting headaches and now have a sore sleep seems ever so important now.  I do NOT want to get sick!

He's still taking his midday nap pretty regularly, but the intermediate naps that would get him to the awake for 2 hours then sleep schedule are still sporadic at best.

Now, the thing about babies that has frustrated the scientist in me the most is that they grow and change so fast it's impossible to account for all the variables!  I mean...Wiggles is sleeping so much better.  Is it because I'm sticking to my super restricted diet?  Is it because we're letting him actually cry for more time during the day instead of instantly soothing him all the time?  Is it because his medicine for The Reflux is working better/he's actually taking his full dose more of the time?  Or is it because he grew, and whatever he needed to work out in his little body/brain has been worked out so he can sleep better at night?  There's kind of no way to know...

Though...I did have pizza for dinner on Saturday.  Just cheese, so that the toppings couldn't be an issue.  And it was soooooo good.  Did it effect little Wiggles?  Well...that's what's so hard to say!  I didn't notice an immediate he seems to be having more trouble pooping after doing so well with it all weekend...could that be from the dairy?  Or is it totally unrelated?  I don't think we can say for sure.  And that, my friends, is very frustrating.  He's just a little mystery, which, as frustrating as it is, can also be quite interesting.

And he's starting to really coo and "talk" and look at us and smile.  Which makes all the fussing and crying and sleep deprivation seem worth it.  He really did push me to my breaking point...but hopefully we're just going to keep slowly improving from here.

Ugh.  One thing I HATE about living in an apartment:  Wiggles WAS down for a nap, but someone just SLAMMED their door quite loudly, it shook the apartment...and guess who's awake?  Dammit people!

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