Saturday, October 22, 2011

I've found it

Certainly not my sole passion, but a passion none the less. Whenever the lottery starts getting astronomically large Mr. Random and I start to muse on what we'd do if we won. We'd have to buy tickets first, in order to win of course, so I suppose we should get on that. The lack of tickets does not impede our musing in the least though.

We're in pretty close agreement about most of it. I think the powerball is at $148 million right now? Anyway, we usually start by realizing we'd have to pay at least half in taxes. So to be on the safe side we estimate we get about 40% of whatever the total is. With that meager amount we start dividing it up.

Pay all our debts off first. The cars, our student loans...I guess that's it now! We used to include the house in that...but that is no longer ours! 

Then we'd invest half of that remainder - we'd be getting a financial advisor for sure...who may tell us our current schemes are foolish, I have no idea. If so I guess we'll re-evaluate. But we'd try to invest half of it so that we could hopefully live off the interest. I'm not entirely sure how much money you need to be in such a position...but it seems like that should be enough. We're not really looking to change much of our lifestyle - we'd still look for a nice but modest home...plan on keeping our cars, etc.

Then we'd gift some to family - our plan is to gift some to our parents and siblings under the condition they cannot ask us for any more money later and they get financial advising with the gift. If they still squander it - their loss, but they're not getting more from us. We're thinking enough to our parents that they can pay off their houses and retire comfortably and then probably "only" $50,000 to each sibling. We have quite a few. :) We have a nephew now too...I suppose he could get his own $50,000 - in a trust of sorts for when he turns 21 maybe. So, we'd gift our families.

Then. We'd travel. We'd like to take a year and just SEE and LIVE in the world. With all our debts paid, we could!

After that glorious year, I really think I'd finish my PhD and look for a teaching job. Money wouldn't matter as much for salary because we would have the interest but, I really like what I do. And it'd be nice to do it without the pressure of needing a high power high salary or something. Mr. Random isn't sure what he'd do - he might go into teaching too. Maybe he'd get a PhD in History. Maybe he'd be a stay-at-home Dad. At any rate, he'd have time to figure out what he'd like to do.  Maybe...he'd run our charity/charities.

The next part was where it always got fuzzy. We both agree we'd like to take a portion to start a charity. Now, I think we probably would each start our own. I can't remember if Mr. Random has a specific one in mind but I know I'd always cast around with the thought of a scholarship...of some sort. Right now, I think I might still start a scholarship fund for Graduate Students With Children. Because there's a distinct dearth of resources for us. But I never really feel passionate about any ideas.

I now know exactly what I'd want to look into. I'd want to start a non-profit that is focused on rape prevention. I feel really, really strongly about this one. Like, I kind of want to see if I can volunteer or do something now. Obviously, I don't have the funds to start anything. But that's what I would want to do with a chunk of the money. And, it's a little tricky - because this subject is so difficult for me. I would have a hard time doing a lot of the work - like the research on what works and doesn't for prevention and how to treat and best serve victims. That would be very difficult for me. But that's the beauty of setting up the non-profit - I could be the visionary that assembles the team that gets it done. They can dig into the details that I still don't have the mental ability to go through. And this team that I'm imagining, could actually make a difference.  
Where is all of this coming from? Someone revealed to me recently that she'd been raped - and it left me reeling. And horrified. And so full of HATE. I HATE that rape exists. It's not even hate toward the awful people that commit this crime, though that's there too. I just HATE that it even happens at all. And it hit me - hating it does nothing. In fact, if anything, it's just more negative energy in my life that I don't need. But this other idea that I have...that has a chance of doing something positive. Maybe helping people. And I really like the idea.

So. There it is. What I'd do with the lottery if I won. I'd certainly take some and invest and be smart. I'd certainly give some to our family. And I'd certainly take some to be selfish and travel and see the world with my husband and my son. And I would certainly find a way to try to make a positive difference in rape prevention.

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