Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Twice on Tuesday....on Wednesday?

I missed my Twice on Tuesday!  Jeeze, that's not a very auspicious beginning, is it?

Oh well - better late than never in this case!  (and most cases probably)

And, I get to include something else wonderful - our rainy/windy/stormy weather that we had today!  Living in a predominately sunny climate makes me appreciate the "dismal" weather even more.  So I'm a happy camper.

Today I'm thankful for health insurance and counseling services on campus.  It makes things possible that otherwise, quite frankly, would be un-affordable- important things like doctor's visits and counseling sessions.  And I'll stop there because otherwise I'll get all upset about the state of health in America.  :)

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  1. Nice new look! I've been reading you on my RSS feed- sorry I've been a bad commenter- I'm glad you're going to counseling and getting the emotional support you deserve. I hope that it helps you sort through things -and amen to the free part of it- how lucky to have it- so many do not. :(


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