Sunday, December 27, 2009

More on the Baby Front

I'll probably start a different blog for all the baby stuff. Because I might want to share that with family eventually...maybe...but this blog, is not for them. But, I did want to add more to the baby story before I forgot and don't have a new blog yet, so the baby stuff is going here for now. I'm very sorry if you're not interested.

So, I took the first hpt Christmas like 3:30 am because that's when I woke up. Since we've been back from Rome we've been EARLY morning people. It's getting better, but for the first 3 days or so we were getting up around 4am! Today I slept all the way to 6:30am, go me! Anyway, I slipped into the bathroom and opened the single test I had purchased before we left for I said before, I kind of thought I'd need it.

Peed on the stick, put it on the back of the toilet and then washed my hands. Then proceeded to blow my nose - I've been sick - which gave legitimate reason to stay in the bathroom as I was pretty sure Mr. Man was awake, or at least semi-awake, in bed. And there it was. A pink plus sign. And I stared at it...not quite believing what I was seeing. I mean, seriously...sure I'd THOUGHT that was what would happen, but seeing it was still totally shocking somehow.

So I left it in the cupboard over the toilet, and went back to bed. Where I mulled it over in my mind, and fidgeted and sniffled enough to annoy Mr. Man. I got back up, went to the bathroom, blew my nose again, and retrieved the stick, after taking another long look. I got back in bed and stashed the stick in my nightstand. Then fidgeted and sniffled some more. Mr. Man had enough. He suggested, kindly, that I just get up as I was clearly not going back to sleep. So then I said, I have a present for you! Can I give it to you and then we can go back to sleep? (ha! yeah right!) He said was too early, but go ahead and get up if I wanted. So I did - and that's when I wrote the post on Christmas morning. See, you Internets found out before Mr. Man. How about that? (or would have if anyone actually read this blog, but I like pretending)

Then I was left trying to decide how to tell him. I'd daydreamed this whole thing in the shower one day when I was suspicious. (I daydream in the shower makes for long showers and high water bills, but I enjoy it) In the daydream I took the test Christmas morning because that would be the latest my period should be starting, and, hello? it's Christmas! How romantic! Okay, well, check! did that. In the daydream then I put the stick in a pretty bag or something, and put it under the tree...but hidden. We open all the presents from our families (we got nothing for each other as Rome was our Christmas present...and a baby apparently) and then at the end I pull out this gift bag and say one of a couple different options. (extensive daydreams people) Option 1: I know we weren't supposed to get gifts for each other, but you can't return this one and we made it together (insert sappy smile, cheesey music) I think it's okay - hand him the bag, he opens it, look of surprise (music soars) , hug, yada yada. Option 2: I know we weren't supposed to get gifts for each other, but I already peed on it so you can't return it...hand him the bag, he grabs it delicately with a look of concern, threatens to not open it, I encourage him, he sees the stick and then we hug and kiss, yada yada.

Well, I wound up doing neither exactly...after writing the Christmas Day post, I went back into the bedroom and grabbed the stick, and my iPod for pretense, and then left. I stared at it in the office by the computer. The wrapping stuff was in the office, but we had no gift bags that were Christmas-y. We had paper and boxes, but that seemed like too much trouble. So I just grabbed some silver tissue paper, and wrapped the stick in that. Simplest is best, right? Or I'm lazy. Take your pick.

Well, that was sitting on the desk next to me when he came in about 20 minutes later and said, okay, I'm up, we may as well go open our presents. At 5 am. Best time to open presents if you ask me. ;-)

He turned to leave so I quickly grabbed the stick in the tissue paper, hid it in the blanket I'd been sitting with, and followed him downstairs. The stick would stay hidden in that blanket while we opened all the other presents (and started breakfast - orange rolls, yumm!).

So, after we opened all the gifts under the tree, I told him, I have one more present for you. And I couldn't keep the grin off my face. He looked at me suspiciously, but with a grin to answer mine. I grabbed the tissue out of the blanket, and just handed it to him, wordlessly, with a smile. He looked at me quizzically, and then unwrapped it, looked at it for maybe a second and then exclaimed, are you serious?!? And then jumped up and hugged me so tight! A hug and a kiss, another hug and a kiss, then back to looking at the stick. Looking at me, at the stick...and

So that was it. After my clever ideas in the daydream...wordless was best.

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